Our mission is to provide training to keep the K9’s 100% on point to keep them fresh for the job that they have to do every day. We are also going to be providing training equipment to the departments to help keep those first responder K9’s trained with the proper equipment. We are also going to help bridge the gap in the medical expense to the K9 handler and their departments.

Our Goals

Dixie K9 Collective is a foundation to help keep our first responder K9’s active and mentally fit and stable to do their jobs. Our goal is to help provide training seminars, equipment to keep our K9’s sharp and keep up the level of training so that they can always be prepared to do their job’s whether that job is finding the drugs off the street, catching the bad guy, to search and rescue to find missing people.

Our Way of Doing it

Because we know that having a working K9 as a partner can add added expense to the handler. So, we are here to help them get the skills and knowledge they will need as a team to keep a strong working team. The way we will help is to put on working seminars for first responders, help will getting the training equipment needed for the training, help with medical expenses.

2024 Police K-9 Conference & Vendor Show

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Who are we

My name is Misty Hamilton, I have loved working with dogs since I was I little girl. I have always been interested in working K9’s. My close friend was a K9 unit, and I would love helping him work his dog. So, I was hooked. I then got my first Dogo Argentino. I knew that I wanted to do get more involved with the local K9 units. As I learned the more, I learned that most departments can only give so much money to the K9’s and the rest is on the K9 handler. I couldn’t have that so about 4 years ago I sat out to start a nonprofit that I could give back to not just police K9 but to all first responder K9’s. That brings me too today. I started this foundation to give back to the K9’s that help us.

How you can help

You can help by Donating, Sending items, become a sponsor, or become a member. Members will receive quarterly new letters to keep you updated on where your donations are going.

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Dixie K9 Collective

Misty Hamilton